Not Your Ordinary Hardware Store


Backstage Hardware & Theatre Supply and Rosco Laboratories teamed up to solve the day recently for Blueman Group.

Mike Patterson from Blueman Group stopped by Backstage one day and casually mentioned a problem they were having with the drainage pipes they use in the show.

It seems the drainage pipe only comes in green now, and they need it to be white.  The spray paint that they had been using (which was a plastic primer coat followed by a gloss white coat) was chipping and flaking pretty quickly.

Backstage suggested using Colorcoat from Rosco. According to Mike, “The Colorcoat does a great job and takes a lot of abuse well.  I brushed on a base coat and then watered it down for a sprayer (2 pt Colorcoat to 1 pt water), to get an even topcoat. I’m not sure how long it will last, but so far it’s been longer than the spray method.”

Colorcoat is a durable water borne modified acrylic enamel, which provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance. It can be used on most interior and exterior surfaces where maximum durability is required.

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